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Everybody has sometimes seen shapes in the clouds. The project Tile People is something like that, finding shapes in the things that surround us.

It all started in our bathroom. Since we moved into our flat there were figures in the floor tiles shouting out to me as if they wanted to be liberated. One day I started drawing them. The drawings turned into paintings and then into digital illustrations. Tile People mostly appear in tiles on floors or walls. First you sense the outlines and decide which one you want to set free (usually there are more than one in a tile), but the colouring is what makes them come alive.

Some Tile People exist in acrylic paintings, some in high quality art prints. Every one of them has its own personal story behind it.

Presenting some of the Tile People:




High quality art prints in different sizes, signed and numbered


Each one an original, painted in acrylic on canvas, 20 x 40 cm.

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