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One of the biggest problems of Climate Change is the rising of sea levels. We used to think about it as something that happens to some island states in the Pacific but for many of us it hits much closer to home. Nevertheless, we keep forgetting so maybe these small art pieces can remind us daily of how important the fight against Climate Change is today.

There's a story to each piece and since we are more touched by something we have a personal relationship to I am mostly talking of places I have been to myself. If you have a story for another place and want it included in one of the series let me know, the subjects of many of the pieces are customisable.


Rising sea levels affect coastal areas all around the world, rising soon in some places but far too soon in others. In some places people might still be on time to prepare for it, in others they have been experiencing the consequences for too long already. This three-piece work represents three places I know that are threatened by rising waters: my hometown Bremerhaven, Sydney, where I spent some time years ago and Leleuvia, a tiny little Fidji island which I don’t know if it still exists…

The sea is rising, like the thread rises on each of the three pieces, drowning the skylines bit by bit. The skylines are drawn in the blind contour technique just looking at a photo, without looking what my hand was drawing which I thought was a good metaphor to what we’re doing with this planet...

Mixed media


Sea levels are rising everywhere. To the oceans it doesn’t matter if the coast belongs to a first or to a third world country. The difference is that first world countries are able to spend much more money on protection but that doesn't guarantee that they will be successful. And at one stage even the first world countries will run out of money...

Watercolour and pen on paper, Paracord


30 of the 50 biggest cities in the world are located directly on a coast. I think it’s fair to say that each one will be affected by a rising sea level, some more, some less. Cities are more vulnerable to Climate Change. Big parts are covered by concrete which doesn't absorb the water neither from heavy rains nor from rising seas, this way aggravating the effects of both.

Flooded Cities is a series about cities I've been to. Somewhere on the red wire there’s the name of a city threatened by the water. The name is nearly lost in the picture, like the city itself might be hard to find in a few decades if we don’t change our ways.


Watercolours and red wire, treated digitally.

flooded cities
first world
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