Climate Change has become very real in the last decade and is already affecting many places. Severe weather events become much more often, fires more vicious and clouds disappear. Making pieces about climate change at a small scale or reproducible like prints offers the possibility to make many pieces so they can maybe one day be in many homes to serve many people as a reminder of what is becoming our most important task for the years to come.












In the beginning of 2020 Australia was burning. And while wildfires are common in Australia they become much more deadly with extreme drought, extremely high temperatures and a government that denies climate change.

Trees are our best allies in fighting climate change. Apart from Oceans they are the biggest storage of CO2 on Earth. But they can also become one of the biggest dangers because their destruction by deforestation or fire is now emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than the whole European Union.

Each burned tree not only means releasing the CO2 stored in it over many years, sometimes even centuries, but also destroying a storage vessel to use in the future. The thing is, trees have survived many climate changes over time, they will survive. It’s us that might not be here.
These small tree sculptures are made of black stoneware surrounded by paracord, like fire surrounds trees without the possibility of escape.

Black stoneware and Paracord