My work is a constant flow between art and design. Design comes natural to me because that’s the way my mind has worked my whole adult life. Art was more like the background sound, always there but not really payed much attention to. That has changed in the last decade, I turned up the volume and now art has become my main music. Even so, my designer mind sometimes comes up with a tune.

As an artist, I want to contribute to society by using the skills I have. By treating relevant topics like the state of our planet or the sometimes dividing ways we perceive our surroundings. The baseline is to create beautiful pieces with often scary backgrounds. Beauty can help us confront things we don’t really want to think about. Art also helps me to cope with the adversities of life...

My design works are highly influence by the artistic angle, trying to create objects of utility with an emotional value.


I am a german graphic designer and artist based in Valencia, Spain. After studying Visual Communication I have worked as a graphic designer in Germany and Spain for more than two decades, interrupted by a year of travelling around the world. A couple of years ago I started studying at the EASC Manises, the ceramic arts college in Valencia, Spain. That’s when I incorporated 3D, in form of objects and sculpture.

I am now working as a designer and artist, using different medias, like watercolours, textiles, photography and of course ceramics.